I have placed my order, now what’s next?
Your measurement and order specs will be reviewed by our design team. We’ll get back to you shortly and request you to double check reconfirm your measurements and additional notes so that we can proceed to your order quickly.

How can I get your size chart?
Please visit: Here you will find our standard sizes. If you want custom made then you may let us know your measurements.

How can I check the status of my order?
Upon dispatch of your order, we’ll email you an online tracking number. You are welcome to e-mail queries related to your purchase.

Can I suggest changes to an outfit?
Sure. All the suits can be stitched in any size as per your instruction. We can customize any outfit the way you would like it, including color, stitching, and embroidery.

Is it safe to shop online?
Shopping online with us is safe, and we take the utmost care to ensure your personal details remain private. You will surely gain your faith in us once committed in business relations InshaaAllah.

Which services do you use to ship?
Majorty of orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail however you have the option of using Fedex or Ups if you like you will be given these shipping options at checkout.

Are there extra charges for larger clothing sizes?
NO all sizes are the same size unless it is a childs size then the price is different.

Do you do alterations?
Yes we offer custom alterations of dresses that are in stock... usually making a dress smaller is not a problem... if you would like it larger we recommend ordering it according to your measurments.

Are all prices fixed?
Yes all prices are fixed however we do offer promotional sales from time to time so please sign up for our newsletter where you will be the first to know about new items and sales.

Do you have plus sizes?
Yes we can make most items in any size ... please email us for more info or chat with us online.


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